What Are the Things to Pack When Moving into a College Dorm?

Your heading off to college, and moving into your new dorm is a big step forward from the comfort of your home. Living in a dorm can be a lot of fun, but organising comes first. Preparing your move can be difficult because typically you need to share space with a dorm mate. For that reason, you only bring what you really need while making sure that you have everything on hand. This list will help you downsize your things and prevent over-packing while still having the comfortability of a home.


These are the essentials that you need to bring to make your daily routine easier as you’re living independently. Your daily needs should be convenient because sometimes life in Uni can be very flat out especially on exams week.

  • Comfortable and Easy to Style Clothes – keep in mind that there is less space in a dorm closet and there are days that you might need a grab and go outfit. You can always be fashionable with simple clothes on your rack.

  • Ear Plugs – living in loud campus dorms shared with roommates is sometimes annoying for someone who is a light sleeper or cannot focus with too much noise.

  • Sleep Mask – your schedule and lifestyle may be different from your roommates and getting a good night’s sleep is probably harder. Keeping a sleep mask ready can save you from a bright light during your roommate’s study time.

  • First Aid Kit – while you’re away from home, make sure to equip yourself with a complete first-aid kit that could last at least a semester. Also bring a handy one on your bag.

  • Message Board – this will help you organise your reminders and you can use it as a board for your favorite pictures. Be creative and personalized it!

  • BPA-Free Water Bottle – these are better for the environment and can decrease your risk of bad health effects. Being in the Uni, having a water is more convenient and economical than buying disposable water bottles

  • Alarm Clock – getting up on your own and not missing a class can be very hard for other students. Having the perfect alarm clock can save you from the hassle of college schedules, and remember that when sharing a dorm, don’t try to wake up everybody, if not needed.

Organisation and Maintenance

Keeping your dorm uncluttered is a great sign that you’re handling your time in Uni properly. It’s not easy to organise all your stuff with such a limited space, but there are ways to put everything in order.

  • Foldable Drying Rack – this can be folded and stored on narrow spaces. If you are doing your own laundry and you have a limited access to dryer or you prefer air drying, this one’s an essential.

  • Bedside Caddy – if hanging something on your dorm’s wall is not a good option for extra storage, then you might consider having a bed caddy for your important things like your phone, book, and other trinkets.

  • Sewing Kit – this might be something that a college students wouldn’t think they’ll need but sewing is sometimes needed to make small repairs. It’s important that you have the basic sewing materials prepared. Just put it in an ornamental box or container.

  • Thick Curtains – if you want to get a good sleep after a tiring day of classes, requirements, and socialisation, a thick curtain that will block the sunlight will do the trick.

  • Footlocker – why not make the most out of a decorative piece of furniture. A footlocker can be used as an extra storage for your things including your seasonal clothes or stuff that you don’t use often. You can always store it under your bed or use it as a coffee /lamp table.

  • Tool Box – we all know that we cannot do much major repairs/renovation in a dorm, because most management don’t allow that. Your box must only include the basic things for repairs and tools that you might use for school projects.

  • Stacking Drawers – you’ll love to have a couple of stackable drawers where you can sort your things without taking up too much space. They’re light and comes in different colors. If you have a space under your bed, get some stackable drawers for extra room.

  • Drawer Organisers – having a drawer is not enough to keep everything on place, getting some organisers will make it easier for you to find your things even when in a hurry.


Schedules and deadlines will leave you hustling sometimes, and a little help in making your day easier would mean a lot. These are some of the appliances that will make your move to Uni much convenient.

  • Electric Kettle – a convenient way to make a quick fix for a cup of tea, ramen, or a bowl of oatmeal. It’s easy to use and you can do a lot of things with it.

  • Microwave – a dorm is not complete without a microwave! Who wouldn’t want their own microwave in their room instead of going downstairs on the shared kitchen just to heat something. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one while watching your favourite series with your popcorn and pizza?

  • Coffee Machine – investing a coffee maker can help you save a lot of money and it is more convenient than lining up for one. You can just fill up your handy coffee thermos and start your classes on time.

  • Water Filter – bottled waters are expense you wouldn’t want to have in college, but you also want to make sure that the water that you’re drinking is clean and safe. Having a simple water filter with a great quality can be very convenient for people living in a dorm.

  • Mini Fridge – small refrigerator works well for dorms and will be very useful for keeping frozen goods and cold drinks.

  • Vacuum Cleaner – keeping your dorm clean will be easier if you have a vacuum cleaner to use. You don’t need an expensive and heavy-duty one, just get the perfect vacuum that you can use daily for cleaning your carpet. Remember, you’re not dealing with a huge space, so buy something that is easy to store.

  • Personal Blender – if you like a fresh smoothie in the morning, having a blender on your kitchen can help you make a quick fix before going to class. They’re easy to use and clean and storing it won’t be a problem for its size.

  • Desk Lamp – having enough lighting in your room is an essential especially when studying and having a too dim or too bright lamp can give you a headache and won’t help you focus. There are variety of desk lamps that you can choose from including a lamp clamp that you can attach on your bed headboard.

  • Fabric Steamer – your wrinkled shirt is not a good sign that you’re keeping up with the Uni life. Packing a portable steamer will take up least amount of room than having an iron and board.


Heading back to school, a college student needs to have the technology to make schoolwork more convenient. Here are few devices that will be very useful in their studies and will give access to their other activities.

  • Portable Charger – a phone is an essential for college students to contact their parents and friends. Accessing their email and social media is more convenient through their mobile, so it is very important to have a portable charger that they can bring outside their dorm.

  • Laptop/Tablet – if you are someone who doesn’t really need a laptop for your classes, a tablet would be much easier to carry around. Most universities have computer labs that you can use.

  • Computer Mouse – you can grab the RF mouse if you’re not a fan of plugins and wires while the regular one won’t need any charging.

  • USB Flash Drive – a college students would need a storage for their research papers and presentations. Getting the perfect flash drive depends on your needs, there are variety of brands and storage that you can choose from.

Cleaning Materials

It’s a big no-no to let your room be piled with clutter and dust. Keeping things neat will let you have a more relaxing place to study, eat, and rest. Here are few but helpful materials that you can use in maintaining the cleanliness in your space.

  • Sponge and Dish Soap – it’s not good to pile your dirty dishes in the sink, keep a sponge brush and dish soap caddy on your counter top to keep everything neat.

  • Microfiber Duster – a must cleaning material that you need for dusting your space. Get the one with a removable head so you can throw it in your laundry.

  • Laundry Detergent – it is very important to know how to manage your own laundry in college and buying the best kind of detergent can make this chore easier for you. There are variety of detergents in the market including powders, concentrated liquid, sheets, and pods.


If you’re not into getting a student meal plan and want to cook your own food, these kitchen supplies will make preparing dishes easier for you.

  • Reusable Food Containers – by using eco-friendly containers you can help to cut back waste and save money in the long run.

  • Chip Clips and Ziploc– save your snacks from getting soft by using some chip clips or Ziplocs. This will maintain the freshness of your food longer.

  • Bottle and Can Opener – it’s not something that a college would put in his packing list, but an opener is a must have in your dorm.

  • Pans and Pots – make sure to get a pair that will enable you to cook simple but healthy meals.

Shower Essentials

Feeling fresh and clean before going to classes and going to bed is nice and relaxing. Here are some bathroom necessities that you need to pack before moving in.

  • Shower Caddy – you’ll definitely need a caddy to hold and organise your essentials especially when you are using a communal shower. Pick the right one that will suit your needs, there are different kinds of caddy including plastic, mesh, and fabric.

  • Towels and Washcloths – the best bath towels that you can pack are the thick ones that are great for absorbing water and washcloths that are quick to dry.

  • Bath Mat – having your own shared bathroom in your room sounds great and for that reason you’ll need a good bath rug in your morning shower rush. You don’t want water on the floor especially on winter where it can be slippery.

  • Robe and Slippers – having a robe when you shower or feel like covering up is more convenient than a towel. Comfortable slippers are also a good choice when walking around your dorm room.

  • Laundry Bag/Basket – it can hold a week worth of clothes and you can carry it effortlessly. You can use a couple of laundry baskets if you want to sort your clothes.

These are just some of the things that you might need to pack before moving to the Uni, but the most important thing you need to prepare is yourself. Do not panic and plan ahead, know the rules in your dorm, and enjoy every semester while studying well.

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