MiniMovers Packing Tips and Hints

Often, customers choose to do their own packing in an effort to save money. We certainly understand that, but unfortunately, if you do your own packing, your boxes will not be covered under our Written No-Damage Guarantee. In the end, that could cost you money, and may also compromise the safety of your most valuable or breakable belongings.

Doing the packing yourself can also take several days or even weeks because people often stroll down memory lane when packing nostalgic items. Most professional packing is done in a few hours as they just wrap and pack items as efficiently as possible.

MiniMovers Professional Packing Service is available to everyone, whether you are using our removal services or not. Our packers will bring all the necessary moving boxes and packing supplies to your home or office, giving you more free time to deal with things that only you can do.

For more information about this service, please visit our Packing Service page.

If you decide to do the packing yourself, our Moving Tips and Hints page offers great tips and hints that will help you pack like a pro. Here are just a few:

  1. Allow plenty of time! The most common packing mistake is underestimating the packing task. It is time-consuming and should be started well before the moving date and completed at least a day before your move.
  2. Choose proper moving boxes, in a variety of sizes, such as the MiniMovers Perfect Boxes. Moving boxes must be strong and reliable, as well as stackable. Plan to put most of your items into smaller size boxes. This helps ensure that boxes do not get too heavy.
  3. Purchase adequate packing materials. Depending on the size of your home and the items that you will be moving, we suggest the following:
    • Butchers paper
    • Mattress bags
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing tape & dispenser
    • Colour Identification dots
    • Plastic moving bags
    • Fragile stickers
    • Tissue paper
    • Large plastic garbage bags

MiniMovers is a full-service moving company and we have a wide selection of Packing Materials.

How to Pack the Perfect Box

MiniMovers’ professional packers must pack a box so that nothing is broken when it is dropped from a height of 2.4 meters. Amazing, right?

While you do not need to achieve this high standard, you must learn to pack properly in order to safeguard your belongings.

Understanding some of the basics the professionals use is very helpful, and we’d like to share them with you:

  • Use proper removal boxes. It will make your task easier, and your items will be safer. It will help you complete your move more quickly.
  • Cross tape the bottom of the box with good quality packing tape.
  • Plan what you are putting into each box. Keep breakables to the minimum number of boxes.
  • Place a good layer of the screwed-up newspaper at the bottom of the box, and up the sides as high as the first row of items. Using newspaper between the layers will save you money, but DO NOT use newspaper to wrap your items. The newspaper ink rubs off and can permanently stain them, use butchers paper instead.
  • Form a layer of the heaviest items, individually wrapped in PLAIN PAPER, preferably butchers paper. Make sure they fit snugly together so there will be no movement.
  • On top of this layer of wrapped items, place another layer of crushed newspaper, and add another layer up the sides.
  • Continue layering the items wrapped in the plain paper between layers of crushed newspaper. Put the heavier items at the bottom and work up, putting the lighter, finer items on the top.
  • Finish flush to the top of the box with a final layer of crushed newspaper. All items should fit tightly to ensure there is no movement.
  • Close and tape the box, marking its contents clearly, and marking the room it belongs in, e.g.: Glassware – Dining Room.
  • Do not overload or overflow the boxes. Do not pack big boxes with books or heavy items as they will take longer to move.

Quick Hints for Packing:

  • Unbreakable, especially lighter items, can be packed quite safely in heavy-duty garbage bags, which means substantial savings.
  • Use bubble wrap on large vases, bowls, etc.
  • Put small items (keys etc) into bags and attach them to the item.
  • Tape cords to their appliances.

Remember, a Do-It-Yourself move is not always the least expensive choice. Various factors such as budget, schedule, time, and size of your move will all shape your decision whether to hire a professional mover/packer or not. Take your time and ask yourself if it’s worth paying the extra cost to decrease the stress and hassle and save you plenty of time so you can make sure that you and your family will settle comfortably in your new home.