Team MiniMovers

Brisbane 1985: a new way to move “just up the road” is born. MiniMovers local moving system, the perfect solution between hiring a truck and using a full service Removal company.From day one, we revolutionised “local, short distance, direct door to door moving”.  We were the first to develop the hourly rate system, where you pay only for what you use, whilst allowing you the total freedom to help as much as you want.  Yes – you control the costs.  Before we came along, the only option, other than breaking your back to do it all yourself, was an expensive full service fixed price company.

Then we found another issue in the market – proper moving boxes. So we created the perfect box for moving and added a unique buy back system to help your pocket and the environment.

Now things were really picking up and we saw a need for specialised moving trucks. We developed our own customised trucks – the largest in local moving, for full house or office moves, and designed for easier, quicker access.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we then changed employment too. In an industry full of subcontracting, we chose to employ inexperienced people and train them the MiniMovers way. We were the pioneers in this field, so we already knew – there is only one way to move furniture – the MiniMovers way!

The added bonus of creating the World’s Best Movers, was the ability to provide improved workmanship. This brought about another game changer – our written No Damage Guarantee – if we damage it we WILL fix it.  Together with an exceptional process that fixes our rare mistakes – fast.MiniMovers surged ahead in popularity – we expanded into the Gold Coast, then Melbourne & Sydney, followed shortly after by Adelaide and Perth.

Customers thanked us by making MiniMovers the largest and most recommended local mover in Australia.  Today about 400 Australians are directly employed.

We handle every move with proper care and we extend our help to our customers by giving them the best moving tips from the professional removalists in Australia including some guides for packing, home move, office move, and the things that you should consider when doing a relocation.

Our customers feedback are very important for everyone in our team in making sure that we always give the quality moving services by meeting their needs and expectations. We take them seriously as we do our best to improve the services that we offer from their booking until the end of the move.

Check our Testimonials and see what our customers tells about MiniMovers!

Always seeking to remain the leader in short distance moving, we continue to stay ahead of our copycats by continually advancing all our services and processes.

Our mission is to turn you into a raving fan so you tell others about us.

Nearing our third decade in business, I’m proud of my team and how we’ve evolved.

Thank you for considering my MiniMovers.

– Mike O’Hagan