All About Packing: Making Your Moving Process So Much Easier

When moving, most of your time will be allotted in packing all your belongings. You won’t even realize how much things you have until you start to prepare everything. To help you be ready on time for your moving day, Australian removalist has put together important packing tips including the right packing boxes that you should use to make your moving process more organized and stress-free.

  1. Order your moving boxes ahead of time. Better prepare more boxes than what you are expecting to use rather than running out during your packing process. Make sure that you will use durable boxes to keep your things safe on the removal truck. Get different sizes/types of boxes so you’ll have a choice of appropriate cartons where certain things would perfectly fit.
  1. Choose the right moving boxes. The quality of boxes is a priority when packing your things, and always keep in mind that you need to use the right moving boxes size for specific items to make your move easier.
  • Small moving boxes are perfect for small but heavy items like books, glassware, small appliances, and sheet sets.
  • Big moving boxes are ideal for lightweight and bulky items such as pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, and seasonal clothing.
  • Specialty boxes like portable wardrobe boxes are used to pack your clothing directly from your closet without folding or removing them on hangers.
  1. Create a moving kit on hand. Packing might get a little stressful sometimes, keeping your packing materials on hand will make it easier for you to access what you need whenever you need it. Prepare some packing tapes, scissors, cutter, ruler, handheld tape dispenser, sharpie, sticker papers, and colored labels, and put it on a handy plastic storage boxes. Just return it after you use it so that you won’t waste time looking for it during the packing process.
  1. Purge and Pack. While packing you’ll see a lot of things that you don’t even know you own or stuff that you rarely use. Take moving as your opportunity to purge all the things that you think are unnecessary to bring in your new home/office. Look for the expiration dates of the products and throw the things that are unusable or donate the good ones that you will not use anymore. In this way you’ll get to organize your things better on your new home, less clutter is better. Donate or recycle the things that you want to purge like your old clothes, appliances, toiletries, furniture, toys, canned/bottled goods, and decorations.
  1. Label & color code your boxes. Packing can be confusing if not done right. Keep in mind that you’re not only packing one box, you are packing your whole house. To make sure that you got everything correctly pack for every room, label them with colored stickers or papers with names. It will also be easier for you to unpack your boxes once you’re in your new place.
  1. Don’t put valuables on boxes. To make sure that your valuables are safe, put them on a safety box and put it on your personal car during the move. In that case, you won’t need to worry for your important things getting lost.
  1. Wrap fragile items. Use bubble wraps, cloth, and towels to keep them safe from being damaged.
  1. Be patient and don’t panic. Just keep your mind calm and be organise when packing. Focus on what you need to do and don’t rush. Work fast but don’t make things stressful for you. If you cannot do it by yourself, hire professional packers to help you out.

Moving will be much easier if you have the proper checklist even on small things that can make a lot of difference. If you are planning to move, always remember to choose a professional removals company like MiniMovers that will keep your belongings safe all throughout the process. What’s the best thing about moving with MiniMovers? You won’t only get a No-damage Written Guarantee, you ‘ll also receive 25 FREE BOXES (second-hand quality small moving boxes) when you book online. Plan your move now and call 1300-642-900 for assistance.

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