Moving in Bad Weather

When Mother Nature decides to throw a tantrum and send buckets of rain on your moving day, what’s there to do?

Though a little drizzle to moderate rain may not pose any imminent danger to yourself or the professional movers, safety should still be a priority. Take a few minutes to carefully strategize with your moving team on how to make the move safe but still efficient as possible. Making these few adjustments can help you avert any mishaps:

Be Attentive to Slippery Surfaces

Check the path where the removalists will have to walk through.

Indoors – Is your floor made of hardwood, marble or tile? Surfaces that were mentioned can get very slippery when wet. Place a doormat or flattened out boxes at the entrance of your home/garage for the removalists to wipe their shoes on. If they will have to walk through carpet, lay down a path for them to walk on using flattened out boxes.

Outdoors – Does your driveway or walkway have a smooth surface or somehow allows for puddles to build up? If your removalist’s pathway is a slipping hazard, it is also best to place flattened out boxes from your doorstep leading to the truck.

Protect Your Moving Boxes

Boxes are made of cardboard and once they get wet, they become soggy – prone to falling apart and would hold up well when stacked. You can use generic plastic bags or garbage bags to cover your boxes as they are being carried into the moving truck.

Moving Large Furniture

Sofas and mattresses will be quite difficult to move especially if it’s a long walk from your home to the truck. You may use blankets and towels to minimize your furniture’s contact with rain, but if they are not at your disposal (since they are nicely packed for the move) ask your removalists if they can wrap your furniture with their moving pads before transporting it to the truck.

However if this isn’t a viable option as well, start working with what you already have!  You can tape together multiple garbage bags into a large plastic sheet to cover your furniture.

Heavy Rain and Storms

You can never be too prepared for any weather situation, however keeping focused will get you through any eventuality. But in the event that the drizzle turns into a heavy downpour paired with howling wind, it might be too hazardous to continue. Under these circumstances, professional removalists may decide to wait for the storm to wane and continue once the weather is clear.

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