Shelly and Craig Cooper

Joseph B & Isaac S were scheduled to arrive at our Auchenflower home at 7am, they arrived at 7:02am – I couldn’t believe it, what an amazing start. They then came through the property and realised, we had a whole lot more than 1 truck of furniture (and general crap, as my husband is a hoarder!) Not a problem, Jo gets on the phone, recruits 2 more strongmen : Elma & Uitimi M. The men worked tirelessly from the moment they arrived, to the moment they left. They worked efficiently as a team and made an arduous and stressful job seem effortless. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Not sure if the’ll be happy with this, but we will definitely request them again, when we move next time. Please give these men a big fat Xmas bonus: they’ve earned it!!!! 🙂 Shelly & Craig (1194361)

Shelly and Craig Cooper
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