Bevan C. – 07/07/2014

Hi MiniMovers team,

We want to send a very big thank you to Tim and Craig from the Toowong depot who moved us from Toowong to Sinnamon Park on 14 June. We have moved many times with MiniMovers as well as other other companies and we wanted to make a special note of Tim and Craig’s professional conduct and courteous manner. In addition, the guys made sure we were safe at all times, for example, they pointed out slippery areas around the truck during the wet weather and they gave us the lighter things to carry while they did the heavy work. We have not always had a positive experience with MiniMovers but Tim and Craig have reinstated our confidence in MiniMovers for service and value. They made a pleasant experience out of what was a really stressful time for us. Thank you Tim and Craig for your hard work and company during our move.

Cheers, Bevan and Rebecca (966821)

Bevan C. - 07/07/2014
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