How to Pack Fragile Items as Professional Packers Do

Most DIY (do it yourself) movers are packing things incorrectly, which results in damages during the move. Packing things, especially fragile items is never a problem for professional packers because they were properly trained in doing the job. For DIY movers, use proper packing materials to do the packing job much easier. Reading a moving guide is a must. It helps you to have a better idea of the correct way of moving. For other packing fragile tips, click this link.

We prepared a video for people who need a guide in packing fragile items in preparation for their move.

Video Transcription

Welcome to MiniMovers, the leading experts in local moving. We have put together a set of videos to assist you in preparing for your move.

This one is about packing your fragile items into boxes the same way our professional packers do. While working on an open flat area, place your butcher paper in front of you. Crystal is the delicate part of our dinnerware and needs to be protected to avoid scratching.

Using tissue paper, fold the first piece lengthwise and carefully wrap the base of the stem of the glass. Using another piece, stuff the inside of the glass with half of the tissue, and wrap the rest around the lip of the glass. Then, place the glass in the corner closest to you on butcher paper. Roll the crystal. while folding the corners in to fully wrap the glass.

Most can be easily wrapped in butcher paper using the same corner roll technique used with the crystal. While rolling, stuff the corners inside the mug.

For plates, lay the butcher’s paper in a stack. Place the first plate in the middle of the paper, then cover it with one corner. When this is done, place the next plate on top. Repeat the process until you have five plates in the pile, then fold each of the side corners over the stack and finish by rolling the stack over the last corner.

For glassware such as bowls, wrap it in tissue paper first and using butcher paper, wrap it a second time folding the corners inside the item. When packing the box get a few sheets of butcher paper, crush them into loose balls and cover the bottom of the box, then pack the items in heavy items first. Place balls of paper in between items to ensure there is no space for anything to move around.

Then, using a tape dispenser, close the top of the box first, taping from side to side, then along the seam to ensure that it is secure. Finally, using a permanent marker, write what is inside each box and which room it belongs in.

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