The Best Affordable Moving Boxes in Australia

Boxes are not made equal. These convenient cardboard contraptions come in all shapes, sizes, and quality – each custom-made to suit its purpose. Yet many are unaware of the perils of using inappropriate boxes during a removal. When your things are stacked atop each other and hauled inside a moving truck, it’s best to secure your items than pay through the nose for insurance. That’s why moving boxes exist after all. Remember, your belongings are only as safe as your dodgiest boxes.

MiniMovers Small Boxes

Dimensions: (410mmx310mmx310mm)

MiniMovers Small Boxes are great for packing books and many personal items. Small boxes are highly recommended for heavier items such as canned goods from your pantry. The size of this box provides optimum support for your heavy belongings as long as the weight is regulated. Overweight boxes can slow down removalists or worse, cause injury.

You can rest calmly knowing that your glassware – granted that it is properly pre-packed – is least likely to break in transit within these boxes. Remember that the key principle for proper packing is to disallow movement. A tightly packaged box will remain still, despite oodles of shaking and rattling.  A smaller box will be easier to safeguard and cushion.

MiniMovers Big Boxes

Dimension: (410mmx410mmx560mm)

MiniMovers Big Boxes are made for packing bigger but lighter items. These boxes will suit bulkier items that are not too heavy including large stuffed animals, clothing, pillows, comforters and duvets. Large irregularly shaped breakables such as lampshades, vases and decorative statues can be transported inside these boxes.

However, we strongly caution against overstuffing big boxes as they can get too heavy to transport.

MiniMovers Portable Wardrobe Boxes

Dimension: (594mmx476mmx1099mm)

This exclusively designed portable wardrobe box is made from high-quality double-layered cardboard and includes a metal bar along the top of the box to hang clothing.

You can move clothes on hangers effortlessly in mere seconds. If you are looking to transport clothes wrinkle-free from rack to rack, portable wardrobe boxes are an easy, mess-free, no-brainer solution for moving your wardrobe.

We could go on and on about these boxes all day, but beyond the ultimate takeaway of saving hours of packing, organising and ironing your clothing, we also buy back our used boxes!

Why purchase MiniMovers moving boxes?

Beyond the material quality, what makes our boxes flawless for moving is that they are designed for methodical loading. The size consistency of identical moving boxes provides a stable foundation for creating a perfect tier, snugly stacked inside the moving truck. Use only similar and appropriate boxes for moving to secure your boxes from tumbling around while in transit plus they are quick to stack and easy to pack.

If you’re short on time, you can also hire pre-packers at an hourly rate to pack your belongings. This will save you time and assure you that your items are packed by professionals. In addition to that, when you book your move with us, all items packed by our professional pre-packers are covered by our written “No Damage Guarantee”.

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