Why should I choose MiniMovers over hiring a removals truck & moving myself?

This is a question that several people ask themselves when considering their moving needs. We believe there are several reasons why you should choose MiniMovers over truck rental options that include moving yourself.

The Hidden Costs:

What many people don’t realise is that a removal truck hire does not come with all of the removal equipment necessary to safely remove and secure your furniture (Removalist pads, ties, trolleys, etc). Most truck hire companies will charge an additional cost for these and other add-on’s such as insurance and fuel, which only serve to increase the price of your move. Typical rental trucks come with Hydraulic tail gate lifters. These hydraulic lifters can have a huge impact on the day of the move as they slow down the entire moving process. MiniMovers utilise quick load ramps for speeding up the moving process. We have depots all around Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.


At Minimovers we pride ourselves on hiring all our own staff and professionally training them to a National Standard, to ensure the safety of all concerned. Hiring two men and a truck can save you time, money and perhaps your back! Minimovers also welcomes you and your family or friends as extra helpers to take the light, smaller items, whilst they concentrate on the large more difficult items.

Truck Size

The largest size truck hire available to those with a standard car licence is 4.5 tonnes, which is the amount of furniture found in a typical one bedroom unit. This means that if your house or unit is bigger it could take you several trips back and forth to complete your move, increasing fuel costs, the time of your move and the chances of injury. With MiniMovers we will discuss the best option for you to save you time and money on your removal costs.


What happens when the person helping you drops your brand new entertainment system? The cost associated with replacing that item could easily outweigh the cost of hiring a removalist. At MiniMovers we offer a written no damage guarantee, this means that if we break or scratch something, we will replace or fix it at no additional costs. You won’t get this with the removal truck hire option.

So call us now to find out how MiniMovers can help you move home easily and with a lot less stress than hiring a truck yourself!