Hourly Rate vs. Fixed Quote; Reduce Your Moving Cost!

Why not control the cost of your move?

minimovers-servicesWhat are the real differences between an hourly rate and a fixed quote moving service? When quoted a fixed price by a removalist, they are quoting on the worst-case scenario so they don’t lose money! Traditional salespeople from other moving companies calculate a fixed price based on the estimated MAXIMUM time each part of your move will take.

We’ve had countless customers who were quoted a flat rate reaching upwards of $1000, only to find the actual cost when they moved with us was dramatically less!

MiniMovers uses an hourly rate system that offers great flexibility!

Our unique and flexible Removal System allows you to make substantial savings without compromising quality service. With our Hourly Rate system, you only pay for what you use,  PLUS with MiniMovers, we let you go a step further and help (if you wish) so you can further reduce the time taken. The customer controls the costs!

At MiniMovers, we give you the total freedom to do as much as you want; the more you do, the lower the removal costs will be. And we are always happy to guide you.

You will find that all of our affordable rates are highly competitive with NO Hidden Charges.

Our hourly rates also come with a “Written No Damage Guarantee”; this means if we damage it – we WILL fix it.

Some people are concerned that an hourly rate means the removalists will just take their time. Not true for MiniMovers. Our staff are trained to move your belongings quickly and safely. It must be working – since 1985 we’ve built this company on repeat customers and referral work. We have thousands of Happy Customers – just check our page or go to Facebook to read some of them.

With over 35 years of moving experience, MiniMovers has helped families and businesses move or relocate locally while maintaining an excellent reputation for honesty, reliability, professionalism and high-quality services. We pride ourselves in having the experience and skills to devise the safest and most economical solutions for all your moving needs.

Save yourself from many miserable hours of disastrous nightmare moving and control your moving costs! Choose MiniMovers!