On the day

We can supply a professional packer (or a team for large moves) to pack your belongings into boxes safely and securely. Whatever the MiniMovers packer packs, is also covered by the Guarantee, as long as we are moving it.

Once again, you have the total freedom, and may want to pack your personal items and have MiniMovers pack your breakables only- the choice is yours.

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice so we can stand down crews that would have otherwise been allocated to work.

If you do not cancel your booking and our truck arrives, there is a standard 1 hour minimum charge fee that will apply.

Our greatest desire is to do an outstanding job.

If you ever have a problem with any of our guys, give us a call on 1300 882 440.

Payment will be taken at the completion of your move.

Our operators all have portable eftpos facilities on the day. There is a small surcharge on credit cards.

We understand the dilemma of not having an “exact” arrival time. Where you need to meet us at an address that you would not normally be at i.e. when moving from a self storage, we can organize to call you up to 30 minutes before the move.

You do need to advise our Sale Centre that you require this service.

We used to tell customers that we would arrive at (say) 8 a.m. At 2 minutes past 8 a.m. many customers rang, concerned that we may not arrive (we have NEVER failed to do a job). We will not promise anything we can not deliver.

We give you two times, between which we estimate we will arrive. 87% of the time we arrive near the first time but we cannot estimate the exact time the previous job will end.

Our trucks are the largest rigid body trucks that we can use in suburban streets. 90% of moves we can complete in one trip, however with special circumstances (property settlements) or if moving more than 20 minutes drive time from the pick-up address and the load exceeds a single load, we will do two trips or send a second truck.We do operate a fleet of large furniture pan tecs, so this is not usually a problem.

Of course! We strongly believe you should be free to control your cost.

With MiniMovers, the more you do, the less we do, the less your move will cost. You can take this to any extreme. It’s your choice if you wish to help or not.

Our moving crews are experienced and will get in and move you as quickly and carefully as possible, but ultimately they can only deal with whatever you give them. If moving house (remember we can handle any size move) then most customers pack themselves and some have extra helpers. Extra advice on how to plan your move can be found at our Moving Hints page.

The best way to ensure a fast, efficient move is to make sure you are organised and as ready as possible when we arrive – all loose items packed into boxes and accesses clear.

You can further control the time the move takes by helping out as much or as little as you like – the more you do, the less time your move will take and consequently the more $ you will save. Packing boxes correctly can make a big difference too, so if you are packing yourself, please check our hints on how to pack the perfect box.