What areas do our Removalists Closeburn cover?

We offer local, short-distance removal services all over Closeburn, please check out our list to know more about the areas that we cover.

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At 30km north-west of Brisbane, Closeburn is an extremely sought-after suburb. Statistics indicate that there is an average of 130 visits per property put up for sale, yet there are very few properties on the market each year. In the past year, there have only been six property sales with half of those made up of land sales.

The average property price in Closeburn is $579,500 and the area is popular with families of all ages. There are no schools in the suburb so you will need to travel to either Mount Samson or Samford for primary school and Ferny Grove is the closest option for secondary schools. If you are commuting to the city on a daily basis you might want to toss up the option of driving and catching the train. At 15km to the closest train station, you may find it quicker to drive and park in the city rather than driving and catching a train.

The 2011 census showed that there was an almost equal split of males and females with a median age of 37 and on average there were 2.2 children per family (139 families). The top six countries of birth included Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Croatia and Finland with the main languages spoken being English, Finnish, Italian and Tagalog.

If by chance you need to escape your surroundings in Closeburn, it is a relatively quick drive to explore Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo, Lake Samsonvale and Lake Wivenhoe. With walking tracks and picnic areas, as well as small villages along the way, you are sure to find something new and interesting to explore.

Closeburn is a mixture of residential acreage and small farm holdings and with the option to wake up surrounded by nature every day, there is no wonder that Closeburn is a suburb a lot of people want to live in.

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