What do our Chuwar Removalists do?

We offer local, short-distance removal services all over Chuwar.

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Split between the Brisbane City Council and the Ipswich City Council, Churwar sits to the west of Brisbane and north of Ipswich. The suburb is spilt by Blackwall Road, with those on the south in the Ipswich region and those to the north in the Brisbane region.

There are a lot of new residential estates popping up around Chuwar and mixed with the older properties or land parcels, you should be able to find a lot of housing options to suit what you are after. A four-bedroom house in Chuwar can be purchased for an average of $457,500 or rent for an average of $380 per week. Chuwar is a fast-growing area in terms of property prices. Since 2009 the median property price has skyrocketed 108.5% although the number of houses going up for sale has decreased by almost 60%.

With Wivenhoe Dam not too far away and the Brisbane River running alongside the northern parts of the suburb, there is potential for flooding in big storm events. In the last major storm event in 2011, the main areas expected to be flooded were around Kholo Bridge, Kholo Road and Mt Crosby Road. The Brisbane River crossing at Colleges Road also frequently goes under water making crossing the river a lot more difficult than normal due to detours.

For those with school-aged children, you will find a small amount of primary and high schools in nearby suburbs including Ipswich, Mt Crosby and Tivoli. There is also a TAFE campus 8km away in Bundamba and the Ipswich campus of the University of Queensland less than 10km away. For those commuting, Brisbane CBD is 40km to the east while Ipswich is 8km to the south. There are very few public transport options in Chuwar so you will either need to drive to Brisbane or catch a train from Ipswich to the city.

Chuwar was originally named in 1848 by surveyor James Warner. There has been no explanation found of the suburb name found as the page of his notebook explaining the reason is missing. It is known to be an Aboriginal name with local significance and is pronounced chew-war.

Chuwar is a suburb known for its leafy green suburbs and is perfect for those who don’t want to live in the city, but still want to be close enough for a daily commute.

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