What areas do our Removalists Bulwer Island cover?

We offer local, short-distance removal services all over Bulwer Island, please check out our list to know more about the areas that we cover.

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Facts about Bulwer Island

While not an area in Brisbane you can live, Bulwer Island has some interesting history behind it. The island is a reclaimed mangrove tidal island within the Brisbane River and located within Pinkenba. In the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s Bulwer Island was used as a pilot station to guide ships into the Brisbane River. From the 1890’s through to 1952 there was a telegraph line running through the area linking Bulwer and other Moreton Bay Islands to the lighthouse on Bulwer Island. Today, you can still see some of the lines along the Bulwer to North Point track and the Telegraph Road. The lighthouse that was built on Bulwer Island has been moved and currently stands at the Queensland Maritime Museum.

In 1961 the island was the site of a plane crash that was trying to land at Brisbane Airport. The plane was destroyed upon landing after the pilot suffered a cardiac arrest and the co-pilot was unable to take control of the plane.

Currently, Bulwer Island is occupied by BP Australia operating one of the largest crude oil refineries in QLD. It has recently been announced that this refinery will be closing in 2015, although the jetty and terminal used by the ships carrying the crude oil will stay in place and remain operational. The island has been used as a refinery since 1963. At this stage, there are no plans for what Bulwer Island will be used for, and it could take up to two years from the closure of the refinery before anything else could be built on the island.

The closest residential area to Bulwer Island is Pinkenba, where there are minimal residential options. There have been a number of projects proposed over the years for the area including an immigration detention centre and residential developments, but so far nothing has progressed. The area is home to a large industrial area including fuel, bitumen plants, concrete plants, earthmoving, power stations and construction supply businesses. If you are planning to move to Bulwer Island, MiniMovers Brisbane removalists can do the job for you!