All You Need to Know: Utilities and Services for Your Move

Moving home or office ranks high amongst the most stressful events in one’s life, because at times even despite the most careful planning and assistance of a removalist company, a thing or two can still be missed. With the flurry of emotions and the immediate need to haul everything you own to a new home, careful inspection of your new residence’s accessibility to primary service providers is sometimes overlooked.

Time to get your ducks in a row and take note of all the services you may need.


If you have notified the utility providers of your move, your new home should also be hooked up with all the basics before your move! Some online services will allow you to transfer your billing address to another in a matter of seconds, but for those that won’t, contact each service provider and ask for solutions regarding your move.  Talk to your realtor or building manager about prior billing matters concerning your new home or apartment.

Here’s a basic list of utilities to manage before your move:

Electricity, water, telephone, internet, cable TV, garbage disposal.

Primary services

Despite our varying individual needs, there’s no denying that everyone wants to be a stone’s throw away from the nearest hospital or police station. Take this time to sort out your priorities and research the location of the primary services in your new town. Mark each location and go on a field trip, whether on foot or in a car. Use your trusty GPS or take to writing down notes on a map, whichever works better for you.

Here’s a list of primary services to consider before your move:

Fire station, police station, village/city hall, post office, hospital, public transportation, bank.


Do you enjoy a morning run or prefer pumping iron at the gym? The final part of the places in your new locale are your creature comforts. After consulting the interwebs, ask your realtor, new neighbours and townspeople about the local town haunts and specific service providers. Check-in on your list and drop by those venues to see how well they suit your lifestyle.

Here’s a list of amenities you may want to visit before your move:

Spa, parks, veterinary clinic, library, school district, shopping centre, gym, yoga centre and more.

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