Vicki B. – 30/01/15

Yesterday (thurs 29/1/15) I had the pleasure of meeting the two best removalist guys in WA, namely Paul and Todd (I think from Morley Depot). The worst weather available – rain, storms, heat and humidity all at the same time and these guys worked like trojans and also at the speed of lightning. They also had to contend with moving the furniture etc out of a house that had been trashed by “streetkids” and they kept smiling all the way. My daughter and I were also blown away when they simply applied straps and moved the heaviest piece of furniture as if it was made of foam!!! No, neither my daughter or I are related to either person, so this is a totally unbiased report. We also gave them 20/ 10 on the invoice sheet as well. I will have no hesitation in referring to MiniMovers to anyone that is moving house. Time and money were extremely reasonable. Thanks again guys from two very grateful people ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ (1002606).

Vicki B. - 30/01/15
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