Robert C. – 31/03/2015

Today was my big day. I had been a nervous wreck all weekend worrying over the big move. Everything up till today had gone pear-shaped. At 8.00 am, two young fit lads appeared at my door, to move all my gear into storage. They were Luke and Tyler and I can honestly say that from the moment they arrived, my worries dissapated, as they quickly went about their business. They made me feel completely at ease from the outset, and carried out their job with gusto. I could not recommend them more highly, and was completely satisfied with their very friendly attitude and manners. Thank you Luke & Tyler for making the whole day an enjoyable one, rather than the stressful one that I had envisaged. Please come back and help me move again. Cheers MiniMovers,


Robert C. - 31/03/2015
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