Nicole H. – 12/12/2013

Team On the weekend (22.12) i had to move not far, but i had a large amount of things to move. As a MiniMovers VIP i always enjoy the experience with your teams but this time, this was truly a memorable and amazing experience. At the start of the Job Thomas B and Andrew C were the friendliest and confident team, willing to do what ever needed to be done to make the move simplier and easier. Their perservance with me whilst i still kept packing was truly appreciated. During the move it was asked if i would like any additional help at the new place to unload. Based on the time line i was more than happy to accept this. When the additional team arrived, the move just became simply more enjoyable. Waata N and Stanley G were as personable and professional as Andrew and Thomas. The 4 boys together made the moving experience what it should be like fun and enjoyable. All the boys sense of humour and personalities made the experience brilliant. I would like to personally thank all four boys, Thomas B, Andrew C, Waata N and Stanley G. for not only their personable nature, sense of humour, persistance and determination to keep going and also their thoughtfulness and respect for not only my property but my housemates property as well. Truly remarkable. Thanks so very much for making my move the best ever one that i have had with Mini Movers. i know that next time i have to move the only 4 guys i want to move me is Thomas B, Andrew C, Waata N and Stanley G. Thank you sincerely. Nicole H. (936013)


Nicole H. - 12/12/2013
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