Michelle B. – 03/01/2018

A huge thank you to Alex Smith and Connor Smith who, with less than an hours’ notice came to my family’s aid. My brother feel ill during his move and unfortunately (but most definitely willingly) we had to ‘soldier on’. Alex and Connor arrived and from the moment they greeted me I knew I was in good hands. Alex and Connor were attentive, careful, kind and most of all, held the stamina to see the job through to the end – even though we got to see the night sky! This is definitely the service I have come to know that MiniMovers upholds in all their staff. Thankyou Alex and Connor, you both should be super proud of who you are and the service you gave to me and my brothers girlfriend. You are so very much appreciated!

Michelle Bassett (1130205)

Michelle B. - 03/01/2018
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