Marianne D. – 08/07/2014

The three MiniMovers guy’s moved us from Vermont South, Vic to Frankston on I think it was Monday the 30th June. They were Jeremy, Shane and Ashton.

What a brilliant job they did! They were so polite and efficient – not the least bit slack. And they were very knowledgeable about different details and went above and beyond what was asked. They even hooked up our washer and Shane put the dryer on top of it – something we hadn’t thought of doing before. Shane had a few good suggestions (and even gave me tips on how to lose weight when I told him I needed to shed some kilos! I will try to stay away from preservatives now).

Their attention to detail was remarkable considering the heavy items they had to carry in. I’d have to say this was the best moving experience I have ever had. Thanks guys!

Marianne D. (970797)

Marianne D. - 08/07/2014
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