Kitty O.

My big Thank You to Mathew and Roxxi who came to help me do an internal move for a big cabinet. I had trouble trying to sort help for this seemingly simple but awkward task. Thanks to my past experience with using MiniMovers twice. Once was for home and the other for my business. I had absolutely pleasant and satisfactory experiences both times and I am glad that I had decided to use MiniMovers again for this task. There was no hesitation for a small task when I booked on the phone and they even came and did the job on the same day. I’d say I have used MiniMovers now with 3 different applications and each experience was wonderful. What I find most impressive is how pleasant and positive their teams are! No matter how difficult it was to move an item, they are always happy to take challenges. The first time I used MiniMovers was almost 10 years ago (March 2008). Their team spirit has not changed one bit! I will definitely use MiniMovers again! Passing on good words? No problems! I have already done so for many years. I am glad that I remember to use MiniMovers again this time! Thanks so much again for all your help!

Kitty O.
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