Diane S. – 22/12/2015

Dear Sir / Madam,

Yesterday I moved into my new rental property at 23/18 Elwell St, Morningside.

I wanted to send a message to let you know how hard Kyle Mason and Luke Crawford worked. They had the task of getting me out of a top floor unit with full morning sun all over the twisty stairs. They worked incredibly hard all morning and got everything down safely and in good order and didn’t even seem to slow down, despite how hard those stairs can be.

On this end (a much easier townhouse) they were wonderful at getting into the furniture in the back of the truck to make sure that the furniture was in place before the boxes came in as I am unable to move furniture on my own. Kyle even connected my washing machine and made sure it turned on and also the fridge power point which I was unable to reach.

Luke and Kyle work really well as a team. They do the job well, quickly and carefully and in addition to that, they work with a smile, a good sense of humour and just do little things that go the extra mile.

Thank you for sending out such a great team for my move.

Kind regards, Dianne (1041362)

Diane S. - 22/12/2015
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