Anthony D. – 21/01/2014

Hi guys. I just wanted to pass on my feedback to the 2 staff that moved us today. They did give me a card (but I left it in the office). And I know most people give negative reports freely, but seldom do a positive one. This is now my 31st move (yes crazy) and with some previously horrible experience with other removalists both personally (such as turning up 4 hours late, sending a tiny truck rather than 2 requested, furniture and house damage etc) and also for business – ie referrals to buyers and sellers Im working with, must say I am 100% stoked at the promptness, time frame updates, and how helpful the removalists are. This is only my second time using MiniMovers but am recommending you to everyone. The 2 guys today were awesome. We had a crappy 2 story house to pack, then go to a second house, unload a portion, then load up more from there. And then onto a storage shed. All in 38 degree heat. No complaining. No taking it slow or easy or disappearing for lunch/smoke etc. Best people I have ever had move us. I hope you keep these guys for my next move. Thanks Anthony D. (947487)

Anthony D. - 21/01/2014
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