Allison G. 14/10/2013

I would like to share my mini-movers experience with you we had 4 men come to our house on Saturday 12th October and let me say that they were all FABULOUS!!! They were professional, upbeat, worked with energy and most of all – they worked with a smile. Their names are: Riki.M; Ben. P; Leroy.D; and Will.T. The move from one house to another was huge, but they worked non stop for many hours. We know that they are a very valuable asset to your company. Please let them know how grateful we are for their service and their friendly company. They made the day easier for everyone and we are so happy to have met them. We recommend them to everyone wishing to move. THANK YOU!!! (899150)

Allison G. 14/10/2013
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