Over the past 28 years, the MiniMovers network has spread throughout Australia. We have been the local short distance, door-to-door mover of choice in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

MiniMovers do not offer our own storage. We do, however, prefer to place your possessions into storage with an established self-storage facility where you have access to them any time.

Why choose Self Storage?

Self storage gives you better security, the convenience of being able to access your goods, storage close to your home and lowering the cost.

All these reasons and more have resulted in a dramatic increase in Self Storage over recent years. They simply provide a better alternative. We move, they store – we are each experts at what we do. If you wish to move into storage, give us a call and we will gladly refer you to the closest facility that has adequate security and good service standards.

MiniMovers Storage Policy

MiniMovers is the BEST alternative for local, residential and corporate, furniture removals. We have been the industry leader for over 28 years and have set the standards for this market. We are specialists in removals, and are not—and will not be— involved in storage ownership or any commission arrangements with storage companies. If storage is necessary, we recommend self-storage, an industry that has grown rapidly across Australia.

Many removalists use “general” storage, a system that is often subject to loss of goods. “portable” storage is growing in availability and is ideal for “onsite” storage. But when a container filled with goods packed without costly double padding protection must be moved, there is substantial damage risk. There are also many site issues including security, space, and access. If customers require goods to be stored “onsite,” we will refer them to a reliable portable storage solution. Self storage gives you better security and greater convenience in accessing your goods, and is usually lower in cost.

Be careful on who you choose to move you, MiniMovers we make moving easier, over a man with a van anytime.