All About Packing: Making Your Moving Process So Much Easier
May 30, 2018


When moving, most of your time will be allotted in packing all your belongings. You won’t even realise how much things you have until you start to prepare everything. To help you be ready on time for your moving day, Australian removalist have put together important packing tips including the right packing boxes that you should use to make your moving process more organised and stress-free.


  1. Order your moving boxes ahead of time. Better prepare more boxes than what you are expecting to use rather than running out during your packing process. Make sure that you will use durable boxes to keep your things safe on the removal truck. Get different sizes/types of boxes so you’ll have a choice of appropriate cartons where certain things would perfectly fit.


Couple carrying moving boxes


  1. Choose the right moving boxes. The quality of boxes is a priority when packing your things, and always keep in mind that you need to use the right moving boxes size for specific items to make your move easier.

woman fixing boxes

  • Small moving boxes are perfect for small but heavy items like books, glassware, small appliances, and sheet sets.
  • Big moving boxes are ideal for lightweight and bulky items such as pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, and seasonal clothing.
  • Specialty boxes like portable wardrobe boxes are used to pack your clothing directly from your closet without folding or removing them on hangers.


  1. Create a moving kit on hand. Packing might get a little stressful sometimes, keeping your packing materials on hand will make it easier for you to access what you need whenever you need it. Prepare some packing tapes, scissors, cutter, ruler, handheld tape dispenser, sharpie, sticker papers, and colored labels, and put it on a handy plastic storage boxes. Just return it after you use it so that you won’t waste time looking for it during the packing process.

 moving kit


  1. Purge and Pack. While packing you’ll see a lot of things that you don’t even know you own, or stuff that you rarely use. Take moving as your opportunity to purge all the things that you think are unnecessary to bring in your new home/office. Look for the expiration dates of the products and throw the things that are unusable or donate the good ones that you will not use anymore. In this way you’ll get to organise your things better on your new home, less clutter is better. Donate or recycle the things that you want to purge like your old clothes, appliances, toiletries, furniture, toys, canned/bottled goods, and decorations.

 Yard Sale poster


  1. Label & color code your boxes. Packing can be confusing if not done right. Keep in mind that you’re not only packing one box, you are packing your whole house. To make sure that you got everything correctly pack for every room, label them with colored stickers or papers with names. It will also be easier for you to unpack your boxes once you’re in your new place.

 different color notes


  1. Don’t put valuables on boxes. To make sure that your valuables are safe, put them on a safety box and put it on your personal car during the move. In that case, you won’t need to worry for your important things getting lost.

valuables on box


  1. Wrap fragile items. Use bubble wraps, cloth, and towels to keep them safe from being damaged.

 bubble wrap for fragile items


  1. Be patient and don’t panic. Just keep your mind calm and be organise when packing. Focus on what you need to do and don’t rush. Work fast but don’t make things stressful for you. If you cannot do it by yourself, hire professional packers to help you out.

 moving couple with boxes


Moving will be much easier if you have the proper checklist even on small things that can make a lot of difference. If you are planning to move, always remember to choose a professional removals company like MiniMovers that will keep your belongings safe all throughout the process. What’s the best thing about moving with MiniMovers? You won’t only get a No-damage Written Guarantee, you ‘ll also receive 25 FREE BOXES (second-hand quality small moving boxes) when you book online. Plan your move now and call 1300-642-900 for assistance.
9 Tips For Parents To Make Family Moves Easier
March 1, 2018

Times up and it’s time to move, but what about the kids?

Moving out to a new home is stressful enough, even more so if you’re moving out with kids tagging along. Whether it’s to find a better place to call home or you’re relocating for work, some move outs are just unavoidable.

The stress and pressure you will shoulder will not be limited to how, when, and where you’ll move in; you also have to consider the big transition in your family’s lives.

Moving out can be life changing – especially for kids. It’s a momentous step for most families that requires your complete and constant attention without any detail to spare.

To make things easier and less painful, we created a checklist to guide you through this big transition. Stick closely and take comfort in this list to ease you and your family in settling for a new life chapter.

Secure The Best Home

When moving out with kids, not all homes would cut it. You have to consider the environment of the neighborhood for you and your kids’ safety above all else.

When looking for the best family home, it’s best to seek professional help. Conveyancers, such as OwnIt Conveyancing, can provide a list of qualified real estate properties available along the area you’ll move into. This will mitigate the tedious task of house search and paperwork you will handle, giving you more time to focus on your other move out requirements.

Schedule and avoid popular moving season

Choosing a good moving date is just as important as choosing your new home’s location. To start with, summer is the busiest season for movers and can also be the most expensive. On the other hand, the beginning and the end of each month are the busiest weeks. Companies may also take advantage of the mass moving season by hiring inexperienced laborers to handle any accounts.

If you’re trying to save money (in which you should) and are seeking for the best quality of work, book a moving date away from the said days.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Key planning ahead of time is crucial for every fit out. Estimated three months ahead of the actual event is a great rule of thumb for planning.

Consider that you and your trusted conveyancer have accomplished to lock the deal, it’s high time to begin running through your local movers to find which services benefits you the most. Don’t forget to also tend the paperwork needed such as the kid’s application in moving to a new district, among many.

Map Out and Organize

Being organized not only helps you, well, be organized but it also helps you gain a sense of control. Start your move out approach by scheduling the rooms of your house one at a time. Methodically pack each area in a room and work yourself around it. Blueprint your home and tick off each completed room on papers to keep everything in check. Amidst all the stress, confide on your blueprint to keep yourself on the right track.

Get your boxes right

Choose the right box for packing your items. Invest in good moving boxes to protect delicate items instead of risking them on a flimsy cardboard box that might cause permanent damage. See if your local movers offer cost-effective plastic boxes customers can rent or return.


After choosing the right boxes, it’s time to label. Labelling your items may sound like an overrated hassle in packing but this will help you once the unpacking begins. All your items will have to reach their owners and their right places after moving in sooner or later. Later on, you will thank these labels for keeping your wit(and belongings) intact.


family packing boxes

Communicate with your kids

Kids are typically more sensitive than most adults. Forgetting to tell them (rather, choosing not to) that the family is moving can be another problem on its own.

Making it a surprise can’t be favorable at times. Afterall, they will be giving up most of the important parts of their daily lives: friends, school, extra activities, and more.

Get them on the same page quickly once you’ve made your decision to move. Ease them into the idea of leaving for another home. Even as a parent, you couldn’t simply guess how they will react. They could be fearful or hesitant and it will be your duty to approach the situation with a positive outlook. Let them acknowledge the situation before packing their things.

Get The Kids Involved

Moving out shouldn’t be a strictly-adult job. With the right supervision, your kids can experience the responsibility of an official move out. Younger kids can box light items and label their personal pieces. Older ones could paint and decorate their new rooms.

Consider this event as a way to bond with your family as you all move to a new residence. Encourage them to pack their belongings but don’t expect them to keep track of the transition as it is still your job as an adult.

Remain Calm and Optimistic

A fit out is generally overwhelming and stressful. There will be a lot of unforeseen challenges along the way but it is also your job as a parent to keep calm and stay optimistic in front of any adversity. Your kids rely on you in many ways than one – so if you relax and think strategically, the children will most likely do the same.


Do you have any other helpful moving tips in mind? Share them by commenting below!

Ultimate Guide to the City of Sydney – An Exceptional Place to Move In
February 27, 2018

As the country’s largest and oldest city, with a perfect geographical setting. Sydney is one of the most popular and most visited tourist destinations in the world. MiniMovers, a removalists in Sydney is here to guide you in getting to know the history, culture, and beauty of this place.

Removalists Sydney Opera House

The city of Sydney is one of the best international and local tourist destinations, also holding the 11th spot on the world’s most liveable city. Known for having beautiful natural harbours and coastlines right on your doorstep, long drives are not necessary to witness the city’s breathtaking attractions.



Sydney Olympics 2000 Removalists Sydney


Sydney became the host city of Summer Olympics last 2000 which became a way to promote the city’s image and impact its economic growth. The city gained global attention and opportunities flowed after and during the said event.





city lights sydney

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and the financial, culture, transport, and trade centre of Australia.
The weather in Sydney is mostly sunny with cozy summer and mild winter which will give you more time to enjoy Sydney’s famous beaches. Sydney has a very diverse community and a rich culture which draws over 10 million visitors from other countries and locals every year.



Community & Culture

The city of Sydney has a very diversified multinational culture and community. If you are going to visit or move to Sydney, expect to experience a lot of festivals, musicals and world-class performances.  There are a lot of different places around the city that you can explore showcasing the abundant heritage and historical events of Sydney. The community will welcome you with vibrant energy and they will educate you about the Aussie Culture whether you are a tourist or a new resident. You can relax and unwind while strolling around the city and enjoying different cuisines and adventures. Explore the most iconic buildings in Sydney, take a dip on their wonderful beaches, visit different museums, and get to know the friendly community. You can always grab a drink on your chosen pub and plan a getaway on the city’s must visit mountains.


Sydney Festival in Opera House


Daytrip in Sydney

Traveling around Sydney is an unending adventure, so if you’re a tourist or someone who’s planning to relocate in Sydney, you’ll definitely won’t run out of places to go. So, if you’re wondering what are the best spots for your trip that you don’t want to miss, here are some hand-picked locations that you must put on your list:


Blue Mountains

It is one of the most breathtaking tourist destination not only in  Sydney but all over Australia. You will encounter unforgettable experiences and a one of kind picturesque scenery. You can get a closer view of Australia’s native animals on the mountain’s wildlife park, learn interesting facts on their museum, and visit all their fun attractions. And after a day of fun, go to the Blue Mountains restaurants and fill up your appetite with some good food.


Sydney Blue Mountains



Jervis Bay

Here’s a paradise just a few hours drive away from the city center. Enjoy a white-sand beach where you can relax and play in the water. Jervis Bay has a lot of fun activities for thrill-seekers, ma king it a perfect place for surfers and divers.

With its clear turquoise water, you will be amazed with the beauty of the ocean and the sea-creatures that you will encounter while snorkeling.


Jervis Bay


There several accommodations available in Jervis Bay, including bedrooms, cottages, and private villas. This adventure won’t be complete without luscious food on the table, Jervis Bay has an array of bakeries, shops, and restaurants that you can enjoy especially after a tiring day in the water. You will truly enjoy the charm of this white-sand paradise, so what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now to Jervis Bay.



Margan Hunter Valley Wines

Revel in a special food and wine experience at the best restaurant and 5-star winery located in a scenic village in Sydney. Walk around their beautiful vineyards and be fascinated on their Cellar Door while enjoying the restaurant’s exquisite menu made from the fresh and organic produce on their local area. Spend a calming day while drinking their finest wines or a gulp on some of their handcrafted beers. A tour in Margan Hunter Valley Wines is not only for the wine lovers, but it is a must visit place for everyone.


Margan Hunter Valley Wines



Australian National Maritime Museum

Climb aboard and explore the world of maritime in this national museum. Discover everything behind the life of navigators and explorers, examine the submarine and destroyers, and learn about the naval history through a tour in Maritime Museum. This is a perfect place for the whole family and learn interesting facts about life at sea.


Australian National Maritime Museum



Sydney Opera House

Anyone who’s heard of Australia probably has image of the Sydney Opera House burned in their memory.

One of the most famous landmarks all over the world and a known performing arts venue, a home for opera, classical music, theatre, and dance.


Sydney Opera House


There are tour packages that you can book to make your experience in Sydney Opera House while getting a glimpse of the history behind it.

Dine in opera house’s restaurants and satisfy your taste buds with their finest food made by the best chef’s in Sydney. You will be amaze by the architectural structure of the building especially when up close.



Carriageworks Farmers Market

Complete your travel experience in Sydney by exploring their markets that are offering a lot of scrumptious foods from the locals all over New South Wales. Going to Carriageworks Farmers Market is a great start for your food hunt that you wouldn’t want to forget to put on your list. It is a weekend market where you can find organic and seasonal produce from the farmers all over the state. With over 70 stalls on the place, you might want to spend your day here looking for fresh ingredients for you to cook or sweets and breads that you can eat right away.


Market in Sydney



Queen Victoria Building

A historic Romanesque architecture building in the heart of Sydney. One of the best shopping places in the city where you discover some stunning pillars, sculptures, and a work-of-art dome while strolling around the high-class brand shops. You’ll be able to find some jewelries, antiques, and classy fashion stalls, as well as bargain shops and convenience stores.


Queen Victoria Building Sydney



Suburbs in Sydney

In case you’re thinking of moving in Sydney, have a look at these suburbs that you might consider as one of your chosen new place. Lavender Bay, Milsons Point, and McMahons Point are 3 of the most liveable suburb in Sydney, these areas are close to the employment centers, restaurants, market, cultural precincts, schools & universities, shops, and natural attractions. The city of Sydney has a lot to offer, and there are other suburbs that might fit your needs.


Sydney City


Why Move to Sydney?

Sydney is a beautiful and peaceful city where you can work and enjoy at the same time, whether you’re a traveler or a person looking for a new place to move in. The city of Sydney offers a great quality of life for everyone, and there are lot of opportunities that you can find in this city if you’re trying to build your career. Explore new things and experience the one of-a-kind beauty of Sydney.

Packing Tips
How to Pack Fragile Items as Professional Packers Do?
January 18, 2018

Most of DIY (do it yourself) movers are packing things incorrectly, which results in damages during the move. Packing things, especially fragile items is never a problem for professional packers because they were properly trained in doing the job. For DIY movers, use proper packing materials to do the packing job much easier. Reading a moving guide is must. It helps you to have a better idea of the correct way of moving. For another packing fragile tips, click this link.


MiniMovers prepared a video for people who need a guide in packing fragile items in preparation for their move.




Video Transcription


Welcome to MiniMovers, the leading experts in local moving. We have put together a set of videos to assist you in preparing for your move.


This one is about packing your fragile items into boxes the same way our professional packers do. While working on an open flat area, place your butcher paper in front of you. Crystal is the delicate part of our dinnerware, and needs to be protected to avoid scratching.


Using tissue paper, fold the first piece lengthwise and carefully wrap the base of the stem of the glass. Using another piece, stuff the inside of the glass with half of the tissue, and wrap the rest around the lip of the glass. Then, place the glass in the corner closest to you on butcher paper. Roll the crystal. while folding the corners in to fully wrap the glass.


Most can be easily wrapped in butcher paper using the same corner roll technique used with the crystal. While rolling, stuff the corners inside the mug.


For plates, lay the butcher’s paper in a stack. Place the first plate in the middle of the paper, then cover it with one corner. When this is done, place the next plate on top. Repeat the process until you have five plates in the pile, then fold each of the side corners over the stack and finish by rolling the stack over the last corner.


For glassware such as bowls, wrap it in tissue paper first and using butcher paper, wrap it a second time folding the corners inside the item. When packing the box get a few sheets of butcher paper, crush them into loose balls and cover the bottom of the box, then pack the items in heavy items first. Place balls of paper in between items to ensure there is no space for anything to move around.


Then, using a tape dispenser, close the top of the box first, taping from side to side, then along the seam to ensure that it is secure. Finally, using a permanent marker, write what is inside each box and which room it belongs in.


For more tips and tricks for reducing the time and cost of your move, visit or visit to get an instant quote. MiniMovers making local moving easy.


You love our packing tips? Please share our video and let everyone knows about it. Have a wonderful day! 😊

Last Minute Moving Guide
October 24, 2017

Last Minute Moving Guide: How to move on a short notice

Planning a move takes a lot of work, the time and effort it takes to organize is stressful. Moving last minute is never an ideal way to complete a relocation. But if you are in a rush, whether it be an immediate change of plans or a removalist not showing up, you need to remember some important things to make your move possible.

There are ways to make sure that you are ready to go on the day of your move, so let’s get started with these last-minute moving guides that will help you prepare everything for the big day.



Prepare all the packing supplies that you will need. Know all the things that you will pack and get supplies all at once to prevent unnecessary waste of time. There are moving companies who sell boxes and packing supplies and in most cases, you can return the supplies that you were not able to use. Better get more of what you need than being short in supply.



Other moving companies offer packing services and last-minute move to help you meet your deadline. Hire professional packers who can organise your things for you before your move, this will let you save some time and effort.


couple moving last minute


It is not a good decision for you to do everything by yourself especially the lifting and loading part. Hire professional removalists who can do the job for you. It will make your moving process faster and easier. Prevent shady movers and look for a reliable moving company that will surely show up on the day of your move.



If you want your house to cleaned before you move out, booking a cleaning service is the best solution. Moving last minute will be easier with the help of the cleaners. You can do other important things for your move instead of allotting time cleaning your home.



Make sure to have a schedule for your settlement day before you organise your move. Confirm with real estate agents/lawyers the time for key collection and ask questions that might confuse you with the process.



Check everything at least 3 days before the day of your move. This will let you resolve any problems immediately before your moving day. Count all your boxes, check your rooms, and have a look on your list if you missed anything. If there will be changes like your moving date, contact your moving company right away.



The most important thing that you need remember when moving is to keep your mind and body focus. This will be your key to be productive during your moving process.

Moving can be stressful even if you have moved before, but planning everything well with this useful guide can help you achieve a great moving experience. Do some research, ask your family and friends for some help and pick a professional moving company. This is the best way to create a smart strategy in organizing your move. Get a quote now from a last-minute removals company.

Delve into the Fine City of Melbourne and know why it was named as the World’s Most Liveable City for Seven Straight Years
October 4, 2017

The City of Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria which is also the center of employment, administration, and a cultural precinct for the diverse community of the city.  It has a population of around 4.8 million and one of the best places to explore in Australia. It is also a city known for having an unpredictable weather where you might experience four seasons in one day. Melbourne has the 4th largest tramway system which is a major form of Public transportation in the city.

Since 2011, Melbourne is holding the title as the most liveable city in the world by receiving excellent scores in Stability, Healthcare, Culture &Environment, Education, and Infrastructure. Melbourne is certainly a busy city, but this place has what you need to experience a great quality of life.


The Fine City of Melbourne


The City’s Culture and Community

Besides from it being named as the World’s Most Liveable City in the world for 7 consecutive years, Melbourne is truly a sanctuary of a rich culture, diverse community, and great living environment.  This City is a perfect place for people who want to explore history, food, and tourist spots. You can hang out on their back alleyways where you can visit some shopping places, cafes, and restaurants. One of the best laneways that you must visit is the Hosier Lane where you can take great photos for its artistic backdrops consisting different graffiti from various local and international artists. Bourke Street Mall is one of the most popular shopping hub in the city where you can lay hands on some of the country’s biggest brands. Melbourne is also known for being the Vinyl capital of the world, the city preserved the music history with about 50 vinyl record stores that you can enjoy, Rocksteady Records is one of the must-see places that has been selling records for more than 30 years, and they are known for their Caribbean and Reggae selections.

Nightlife in Melbourne

Nightlife is never dull in Melbourne with the pubs, clubs, bars, and late-night eats destination that are open all night. There are plenty of places in the city that you can enjoy a party till sun comes up, Revolver Upstairs is one of the perfect venue for people who wants to party hard all night with some special drinks and great DJs. If you are someone looking for a nice place to unwind while enjoying a glass of wine, check out Melbourne’s relaxing spot such as Palmz Rooftop Bar, Romeo Lane, and the imperial Hotel. Let loose at a karaoke spot and treat yourself with a late-night snack of hotdogs, shakes, and fries at Massive Wieners.


Nightlife at Melbourne


 City’s Historical and Fascinating Must Visit Places

At daytime, wander around the city’s finest museums like the Shrine of Remembrance, National Gallery of Victoria, and Melbourne Museum or be stunned with the city’s most beautiful parks such as Fitzroy Gardens, Royal Park, and Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. Complete your morning with a delicious breakfast at The Hardware Société with their French inspired brunch menu that you will totally love. Plan a day at one of the most favorite daytrip destination in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley Wineries and enjoy the scenery, fresh foods, and great wine tasting. Take a walk and relax your soul at Sherbrooke Forest with the fresh mountain which is also a good spot for BBQ and picnics.

One of the well-known spots to visit in Melbourne is the Federation Square, a cultural precinct that you can find across the road from Flinders Street Station. Every year, Federation Square is the center for more than 2000 events including exhibits and performances.

Great Suburbs in Melbourne.

If you are planning to move in Melbourne, you can consider these suburbs Edithvale, Macleod, or Avondale Heights where you can find great parks, reserves, friendly neighborhood, and amazing environment.  You always have the option to live in the metropolis or at the suburbs near the Central Business District depending on your preference.

Why Move to Melbourne?

Melbourne is a great option for people who are planning to relocate or travel. The city has almost everything that you need and you will never run out of places to explore, eat, and enjoy. Melbourne has a very rich culture and the community maintain the arts and traditions all over the city, no doubt it was named as the Most Liveable City in the World for 7 consecutive years.


Important Things that you need to Know About Melbourne

MiniMovers created a helpful Infographic summarizing the reasons why Melbourne is truly the Most Liveable City in the World. It includes all the important facts and figures that you need to know about a place especially if you are planning to move in the City of Melbourne. Experience the beauty of Melbourne and be fascinated with all the historic places that you can visit around the city. Be amazed with the city’s incredible architectures and take part on different festivals with the community. Discover the culture, arts, and cuisine in the World’s Most Liveable City


Move Safely With Your Pet
August 2, 2017


So you need to move house but can’t help thinking – what about my pets being upset and going back to the old house? MiniMovers has helped thousands of Australian’s move locally over the past 28 years and our removalists have picked up a few tips along the way.


That’s why, when Advantage Petcare asked us for some tips for a blog post about moving with cats or dogs, we were more than happy to help out! It was great to be asked and we thought we’d share some of our tips here with you, so you and your pet can enjoy a calm and happy transition to your new home.


  1. Keep your pet safely contained

Before the removalists arrive, make sure your pet is safely contained in an out-of-the-way space such as the laundry room or bathroom. Your cat should be in a safe crate, as cats have a habit of getting into all kinds of unusual places! It will be less stressful for you, the removalists, and your pet if they’re not part of the chaos.


  1. Pet-proof your new yard

Make sure you’ve repaired any potential escape routes in your new fences before you arrive. That way you can take your dog outside to explore their new environment safely straight away.

Stopping your cat from escaping through your fences after moving house is more difficult. Cat enclosures can be constructed and are available commercially. Alternatively, keep your cat inside the house until you’re sure it is totally familiar with its new territory.


  1. Have fun with food

Your new home can be made into a game for your pet by hiding treats in different rooms for them to find. This is a fun way for your pet to get used to their new environment. Feed your cat small tasty meals four to five times daily. This will give it a ‘fun focus’ associated with its new eating spot. Let the cat hunt for its food by leaving small amounts of cat food in several locations or by scattering dry food over the floor in the laundry or a secure veranda or outdoor area in the new house.


  1. Make sure they have ID

Your pet should have a name tag on their collar with your address on, and ideally they should also be microchipped by the vet. This will help to minimise the risk of them getting lost. Your pet should also know their name and be able to come when called.


  1. Give them a break

If all this sounds too stressful, consider boarding your pet while you move. As they’ll be moving from one unfamiliar environment to another, there should be less chance of them trying to escape.

For more great advice be sure to read our feature in the Advantage Petcare article, ‘Moving House with Cats and Dogs’.

Post-Move Aftermath: Things To Do Right After You Move
February 25, 2016

The hustle doesn’t end after you have unloaded the very last box. After moving there’s still a lot of drama to deal with, and the post-move trauma might be more stressful than the actual moving house. But if you have carefully laid plan and have executed it properly you’ll survive everything with sanity intact.

Preparing a checklist before moving out will reduce the after-move strain considerably. It is going to keep you totally organized even if there are about a hundred boxes to unpack! Even with a razor-sharp mind it is still better to have a checklist to avoid missing out things. Here are the things that should be in your checklist:

1. Bust out your home inventory

You might forget about that mugs you received last Christmas or the coffee maker (because you have two!) once you step inside this new home. Make sure that your possessions will come with you by making a home inventory sheet. Sort everything and list down the things inside a certain box. Make two copies, one should be taped outside each box and the other should be with you. In order to avoid confusion ask the movers to bring one box at a time.

2. Put things where they should be

You probably wouldn’t want to carry the refrigerator from the living room to the kitchen on your own. Ask the movers to place things where they will be used. (Offer your hardworking helpers some pre-prepared refreshments after.)

3. Do a quick visual sweep of large appliances and furniture

Make sure that the sofa bed still has complete feet, the dishwasher’s cord has not been pulled out and the flat-TV has not been scratched. Insurance is often limited so it is better to file a claim as soon as possible. Check if they are all working before the removalists leave!

4. Clean the new space

The last owner may have already cleaned the house but a quick vacuum will be good for your nasal cavities.

5. Arrange your furniture, ASAP!

While you have more hands on-deck, maximize the time spent by asking for help, arranging (and rearranging) heavy furniture by yourself is HEAVY work. Once every piece of furniture has been arranged you will be done with the unpacking process faster. Plus, there are lesser chances that your kneecaps will bump into something HARD while rambling around the house.

6. Gather emergency numbers

If you are now living hundreds of miles away from your best friends don’t expect them to be there at 3am because you heard sounds downstairs. Get the telephone number of the local police station, fire station and hospital.

7. Notify every one of your new address.

Do not miss notifications, invitations and birthday cards. Inform your family and friends about of your new address. With social media it shouldn’t be too hard.

8. Don’t start unpacking like a lunatic

While seeing all of your things settled in this new house can be quite thrilling don’t rush into opening all boxes. The golden rule is to unpack one room at time. If you have decided to unpack everything that belongs to the kitchen first don’t unpack for the living room until you are done. It is better to have finished one room than to have four rooms only 1/8 done.

If you are moving with your family it is encouraged to let everybody unpack his or her personal things at night on his or her own bedroom. This is going to help him or her adjust with the new surroundings.

9. Hire someone to unpack for you

Some moving companies not only have people that help you pack, but they also offer unpacking services. But, you have to ensure that they are highly trained, choosing the wrong person to help you unpack not only runs the risk or costing too much, but also chances that there could be breakages. Hiring a company that has damage guarantees or insurance is a sure way to go for both packing and unpacking.

If you thought packing to move was overwhelming, un-packing will definitely knock you out cold before you even setup your bed for the first night. So while there are still movers milling in and out of your home, do not hesitate to ask for assistance – they’d be more than willing to help.



All You Need to Know: Utilities and Services for Your Move
August 10, 2015

Moving home or office ranks high amongst the most stressful events in one’s life, because at times even despite the most careful planning and assistance of a removalist company, a thing or two can still be missed. With the flurry of emotions and immediate need to haul everything you own to a new home, careful inspection of your new residences accessibility to primary service providers is sometimes overlooked.

Time to get your ducks in a row and take note of all the services you may need.


electric bulb icon


If you have notified the utility providers of your move, your new home should also be hooked-up with all the basics before your move! Some online services will allow you to transfer your billing address to another in a matter of seconds, but for those that won’t, contact each service provider and ask for solutions regarding your move.  Talk to your realtor or building manager about prior billing matters concerning your new home or apartment.

Here’s a basic list of utilities to manage before your move:

Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet, Cable TV, Garbage Disposal


hospital amenity icon

Primary Services

Despite our varying individual needs, there’s no denying that everyone wants to be a stone’s throw away from the nearest hospital or police station. Take this time to sort out your priorities and research the location of the primary services in your new town. Mark each location and go on a field trip, whether by foot or in a car. Use your trusty GPS or take to writing down notes on a map, whichever works better for you.

Here’s a list of primary services to consider before your move:

Fire, Station, Police, Station,Village/City Hall, Post Office, Hospital, Public Transportation, Bank, Post Office


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Do you enjoy a morning run or prefer pumping iron at the gym? The final part amongst the places in your new locale are your creature comforts. After consulting the interwebs, ask your relator, new neighbors and townspeople about the local town haunts and specific service providers. Check in on your personal list and drop by those venues to see how well they suit your lifestyle.

Here’s a list of amenities you may want to visit before your move:

Spa, Parks, Veterinary Clinic, Library, School District, Shopping Centre, Gym, Yoga Centre and more





Moving and Heavy Lifting Health Risks
July 24, 2015

It is reasonable to want a good deal on everything and if possible, “free” sounds even better. Although this can be a recipe for disaster and lead you to spending even more than hiring a professional removal service. So before you push through with a DIY move or call all your friends and ask them to lend-a-hand, check if you (and they) are physically capable of pushing through without injuring yourself/themselves.


Health Risks

If you have periodically experienced any form of sharp or lingering pain after lifting heavy objects, it will be best to abstain from helping with the move. Many back injuries result from improper lifting techniques or lifting loads that are too heavy for the back to support. Knee injuries can also be acquired when an excessive amount of force is exerted.

Even experienced removalists aren’t spared from these risks. That’s why at Minimovers only specially trained removalists, equipped with proper lifting equipment, are authorized to move heavy items like pooltables and pianos.

We wouldn’t risk it, why should you?



As we age, our bones start to thin out and become brittle. This occurrence is called Osteopenia, in some severe cases, bone thinning eventually leads to osteoporosis. Although there may not be any visible symptoms and the only way to diagnose this condition is determine one’s bone density through a bone scan. There are several risk factors to take note of:

  • If you are 30 years old and above.
  • If you have given female and have birth.
  • If you are very thin.
  • If you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet.
  • If you are a smoker.
  • If you are a heavy drinker.

If you have a high risk factor, forgo the idea of helping with the heavy stuff and hire MiniMovers removalists instead.


Training and Nature of the Load

It is self-explanatory that removalists are adept with complex lifting techniques, however every single move is different from the other. Professional movers are trained on how to act at every given situation such as moving down a heavy file cabinet through a flight of steps, maneuvering a bed frame across a tight hallway and lifting pianos.

And with all the preceding scenarios stated, lifting tools, trolleys and dollys are a pre-requisite.


Would you manage well in the same situation?

You may not be a removalist who is skilled at lifting and loading trucks, but you can definitely reduce your moving cost with MiniMovers by helping out… granted that you leave the heavy stuff for us!

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