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Delve into the Fine City of Melbourne and know why it was named as the World’s Most Liveable City for Seven Straight Years
July 31, 2019

The City of Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria which is also the center of employment, administration, and a cultural precinct for the diverse community of the city.  It … Continue reading

Move Safely With Your Pet
July 31, 2019

So you need to move house but can’t help thinking – what about my pets being upset and going back to the old house? MiniMovers has helped thousands of Australian’s … Continue reading

Post-Move Aftermath: Things To Do Right After You Move
July 31, 2019

The hustle doesn’t end after you have unloaded the very last box. After moving there’s still a lot of drama to deal with, and the post-move trauma might be more … Continue reading

All You Need to Know: Utilities and Services for Your Move
July 31, 2019

Moving home or office ranks high amongst the most stressful events in one’s life, because at times even despite the most careful planning and assistance of a removalist company, a … Continue reading

Moving and Heavy Lifting Health Risks
July 31, 2019

It is reasonable to want a good deal on everything and if possible, “free” sounds even better. Although this can be a recipe for disaster and lead you to spend … Continue reading

Preparing your Elderly Loved Ones to Move
July 31, 2019

As your elderly loved ones get older, they begin to need more care and assistance. Situations such as your loved one wandering off from home, forgetting to administer medication or … Continue reading

Packing Your Pantry
July 31, 2019

You’ve booked your local removalist and packed most of your non-essential items, but as part of the kitchen, getting the pantry ready for moving is probably the last task to … Continue reading

Moving in Bad Weather
July 31, 2019

When Mother Nature decides to throw a tantrum and send buckets of rain on your moving day, what’s there to do? Though a little drizzle to moderate rain may not … Continue reading

Moving with Children
July 31, 2019

Planning a move is difficult on its own, twice as much so when you are moving with children.  Whether your kids are toddlers, school-age or teenagers, special measures should be … Continue reading

Moving Exotic Pets
July 31, 2019

Your fur-less friends (or exotic pals) may be less edgy than canines and felines about the move to your new home, however transporting them there is definitely trickier. Here are … Continue reading

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