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Facts about Carseldine

Like many other Brisbane suburbs, Carseldine was named after an early settler, but unlike many other suburbs, the person the suburb was named after never actually lived in the suburb. The suburb is named after William Carseldine (the family name was originally Carseldean) who was a fencing contractor. While the Carseldine family owned land in the area, they resided in the nearby suburb of Bald Hills. The family also owned the first store in the area which later became the local post office – the first in the area. Among other things, the family were significantly involved in the development of Gympie Road, one of Brisbane’s major arterial roads from the northern suburbs to the city.

At only 20km north of Brisbane’s CBD, Carseldine is a popular suburb; with a large range of public transport options including regular buses and trains, it is a great area if you are commuting into the city for work and study. Carseldine is a relatively built up suburb as well as being quite small. For primary and secondary schools you will need to look at those in nearby suburbs; while there was once a Queensland University of Technology campus on site, this closed in 2008. Despite the lack of schools the suburb is popular with families.

House prices in Carseldine are on average for a suburb this close to the city. On average, a four bedroom house will cost $540,000 to buy and $500 per week to rent; a three-bedroom unit will cost on average $368,500 to buy or $390 per week to rent. The suburb is a high-demand market with an average of 19 people looking per property.

Carseldine has an interesting geological history as well as an early settler history. On the corner of Hawbridge Street and Graham Road are mud springs which started to grow in 1946 and have seen large mounds up to three metres in height; further testing has shown that the mud apparently goes down at least 70 metres in depth. These mounds were removed in 1970 when the local council were excavating to lay a water main. As a consequence of the excavation work, a large amount of mud, along with hydrogen sulphide gas, was released. The area was destabilised due to the movement but was capped with concrete.

Carseldine is a great suburb for those wanting a close commute to the city, while also being close to a large range of facilities and an interesting history.

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