What areas do our Removalists Bundamba cover?

We offer local, short-distance removal services all over Bundamba, please check out our list to know more about the areas that we cover.

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Facts about Bundamba

Bundamba is a large suburb in the Ipswich City area which stretches from the Bremer River through to the Cunningham Highway. The suburb is split in half by Brisbane Road, the main arterial road from the Cunningham Highway into Ipswich. The origin of the name of the suburb is from the Yugarabul Aboriginal language meaning place of the stone axe. The spelling of the suburb name has changed over the years from Bundumba to Bundanba and in 1932 was standardised as Bundamba.

Bundamba started out as a cotton growing area with plantations in full swing by 1864 with growers looking to make a fortune from the high cotton prices reached during the American Civil War. By 1887 coal had been discovered which saw two mines opening up. Around the same time, there were a number of other industries starting up including brickworks, mills and workshops, all slowly replacing the cotton fields.

If you are looking to get started in the property market, Bundamba may be the perfect place to look and with properties ranging from well-lived in through to brand new, it is likely you will find something suitable. A four bedroom house averages a sale price of $282,500 and rents for an average of $340 per week. The average rental price for a three bedroom unit sits at $300 per week.

Bundamba is on the Ipswich to Brisbane rail line offering a 40-minute direct trip into the city; and at 10 – 15 minutes drive from Ipswich or 50-minute peak hour drive to the city, Bundamba is a fairly easy commute into both Brisbane’s CBD and the Ipswich CBD. There is both a state primary and secondary school in the suburb, and a number of state and private primary and secondary schools in surrounding suburbs. You will also find a preschool, the Bundamba campus of the Bremer Institute of TAFE and an MTA Institute of Technology campus in the suburb.

If you are living along any of the waterways in Bundamba, especially the Bremer River, you should expect some flooding. The Bremer River often breaks its banks during flood events with the river peaking at 13.9m in 2013 and 19.5m in 2011.

With everything within easy reach, Bundamba is a great suburb for those looking either for lower-priced housing or to get their foot in the property market door.

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